The Love Box

Don't worry it's okay if you don't know what this Is i just thought of it. 

lets get into it!

-Written By HoodSpice

What is a Love Box?

A love box is a box of items that you use for sex made with your partner/ Partners in mind.

it’s imperative that everyone have a "Love Box"


What does a "Love Box" consist of (The Basics)?




I suggest water based lubes, anything oil based will break down the latex in the condoms. So while coconut oil can be a great lube if you're raw dogging, it does not work well for condoms. Also people could possibly be sensitive to the ingredients . So to be safe I would suggest lubes with calming soothing properties such as aloe. To play it safe get two brands!


Massage Oils

Massages definitely set the mood, especially if you do it correctly. (always ask if the person has any allergies before you rub anything on them, hives can definitely kill a mood)

condom type.jpg

Condoms: Male & Female

Staying safe is imperative, especially if you have multiple partners (no judgment at all, trust me) but things are way more fun when you don't have to worry so much about contracting anything or having any unwanted pregnancies. 

Safe sex is fun sex! 


Towelettes / Rags:


The purpose of the towelettes/rags are to clean your self and your partner once you both are done. It is imperative that after sex women urinate and wash their vagina off, which prevents bacteria from going in places it doesn't belong that may cause BV, Candida, or a UTI to arise.    


Feminine wash: (both men and women can use; it's just a delicate wash) 

This right here is a key player. There is nothing worse than going to a guy’s house only to find out he washes with harsh soaps. In that case you'd just wash with water, but it would be wonderful to have someone thoughtful enough to have feminine wash. 

Love Box Plus

(things that make it spicy)


Nipple Nibblers: 

These things are literally heaven on earth!

It's like a chapstick for your nipples; that reveals a tingling sensation

64003-00 (1).jpg


I would suggest getting an assortment of toys especially if you're single. Not all women enjoy direct clitoral stimulation that you get with some vibrators or clitoral stimulation at all, so I’d definitley say get a range of toys so that you can try something else if one thing doesn't work.   


Bath salts/ Bubble bath:

Running a bath for someone is a thoughtful gesture, it's calming and will set the mood for the rest of the night especially if you have everything ready and set to go right after!


Tea light candles/ Aroma Therapy

The benefits are absolutely endless! Perfect mood setter! 

I believe that whenever you have sex with someone; it should be an energizing positive experience. You should never feel short changed, even if it's just a one-night stand. It should always feel like the pouring of love and positivity onto someone.