Wisconsin Teacher Caught On Video Using Racial Slurs States She Feels Comfortable Using Term Because She Had A Black Nanny As A Chikd.

We’re going to keep it as real as possible with you guys; when it comes down to the “ N-word” no one should use it. There’s centuries of pain, suffering and humiliation within the word. Yes, we the people have reconstructed this derogatory word into a more positivemeaning and that’s okay too. But let’s be clear here; there’s rules and guidelines to this, that must be followed. For instance; never. ever. EVER should anyone outside the culture feel comfortable to say the n word for any reason, within any context, or situation.

According to #TheGrio a #Wisconsin teacher was recorded using the “ N word “ multiple times to a classroom of students, and when confronted about it stated that she had a Black Nanny as a child who was often referred to as that so it’s okay. Sources state the ordeal took place on November.29 though a multitude of students and parents complained to school officials about the incident no action took place until Dec.11th. The teacher’s name who has yet to be released; was in the mist of breaking up a verbal altercation between two female students who used the “ N word”, that’s when the teacher chimed in and used the words approximately 7 times back to back.

“Her influence on them is going to make them think that this type of language is ok in the future, and that really bothered me. “ says a concerned parent to local news. The unnamed teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave while police officials investigate.