Judge rules case of Day care worker who attempted to kill toddler by the hanging of a noose, as a “ Perfect storm of events “

We’ll be the first to state it, if weed ain’t t legalized by the end of the year were totally protesting! How is it that the average criminal is let off without a mere tap on the wrist but civilians are ironicall, automatically sentenced to life in prison?


Nataliia Karia #Minneapolis ; who served as a day care provider within Minneapolis, was arrested #Novemeber 2016. A Parent of another child who was enrolled within the day care, saw a 16 month baby literally hanging from a noose within the basement of Karia’s home. Immediately after being confronted Karia managed to flee the scene;  striked a bicyclist with her vechile and then dragged him down a total of ten blocks. It has been stated that the young man has had a rod inserted into his leg to avoid possible amputation. Karia also hit two alternate cars within her psychotic rampage; one of which drivers was pregnant at the time.


Natalia pleaded guilty upon numerous accounts Criminal vehicular operation, third degree assasult and attempted murder. But a judge by the name of Jay Quam declared the entire ordeal as “ the perfect storm of factors unlikely to ever be repeated “ . Not only did he sentence Natalia to 10 years of probation, he also credited  20 months of jail time as “ time already served” , and agreed with medical officials that she’s “ low risk for any crimes” of this magnitude.


Natalia will endure two months of electronic home montoring along with her probation sentencing. 

Notice how long they wanted to keep #MeekMill in a cage for ridding a bike?