14 Year Old Missing Teen Skeleton Discovered A Year Later After Allegedly Witnessing Murder!

#Cousins we have absolutely devastating news; Police officials have discovered the remains of a missing fourteen year old boy located in Florida, who went missing after allegedly witnessing a murder. 

According to  #FoxNews #JabezSpann remains were discovered Saturday within a rural area west of interstate 75. Sources have indicated that Spann had been reported missing since September 2017. A fence repair man discovered Spann’s skeletal remain around 4:30 PM, and called 911 immediately. The exact location of Spann’s remains hasn’t been disclosed due to the current status of the investigation. “We do not believe at this point that he left Sarasota under his own volition and went to Manatee County where his body was found” states Deputy Chief of Police Patrick Robinson. “I can’t speculate nor will I speculate on how long the body has been in that location, however, I can tell you it was fully ... skeletonized.”

Sources have indicated that Spann was reported missing on Sept. 5th, 2017. He was last seen leaving a social gathering heading towards a friends home. The investigation was originally treated as a missing person case but now is being deemed a criminal case. Local news Sarasota Herald-Tribune states a police report was forwarded in the Fall of 2017; stating that Spann witnessed three men shoot and kill a man named Travis Combs,31 by his home. Spann was spoted on September 4th visiting Combs memorial, he was reported missing the next day. Police officials were subjected to use Spann’s dental record in order to identify his body.