High School Dancer Seeks Legal Action Against Coach Who Implicated She’s Too Dark & Would Take Attention Away From Other Girls!


A High-school Student has come forward seeking legal action after enduring years of racial bullying and various discriminatory acts at the hands of coaches and team mates.

According to #Blavity ; Kansas Blue Valley Northwest Highschool Student #CamileSturdivant has filed a lawsuit which provides deep indication of several acts of racism set against her. Sources have indicated that the dance team choreographer Kevin Murakami, had once stated the darkness of Sturdviants’s skin would would distract audience members from the other girls on the team. A similar ordeal occurred when the team’s dance coach Carley Fine voiced her opinion of Sturdivant being undeserving of a new position she obtained with the Golden Girls dance team due to the fact that she is a black girl.  


Sources state while Sturdivant retrieved Murakami’s phone during practice searching for a song the team could dance to, she stumbled across an extremely hurtful text between the coaches. The text read within a reply from Fine: THAT DOES’T MAKE SENSE. “It actually makes my stomach hurt, [Because] she’s (expletive) Black. I hate that.” Sturdivant forwarded the message to her Parents and the school’s  Principal immediately, leading to Fine being terminated. Unfortunately, the nightmare didn’t end there for Sturdivant.

Despite Fine’s termination from the school,  Fine was able to attend a banquet diner for the dance team. Sturdivant and her parents were forwarded false information, stating the dinner was cancelled. Within their final performance, the entire team except another black girl was spotted wearing ribbons with Fine’s initials on them. The lawsuit was officially legalized on May 2018, there has been no indication of how much damages, Sturdivant has seeked.