Adoptive Parent’s Of Six Commit Murder Suicide Driving SUV Off A Cliff!

One of the most heartbreaking tragedies of 2018 was the immediate and unexpected death of six siblings openly killed at the hands of their adoptive parents within the Northern area of California. The most wicked tale with an overflowing of questions as to what really happened has finally been revealed a year later. 


According to #NewsOne ; on March 26,2018 Sarah and Jennifer Hart deliberately drove their SUV off a cliff that occupied themselves alongside their six adopted children Markis Hart, 19; Jeremiah Hart, 14; Abigail Hart, 14; Hannah Hart;12-year-old Sierra Hart and 15-year-old Devonte Hart. Devonte is widely recognized from a viral photograph that was captured during a Ferguson protest of him hugging a police officer. Sources have indicated that Devonte’s body was never found after the incident. The horrific death of the six siblings has been recently ruled a murder, deeming Jennifer and Sarah’s death murder suicide.

The #NewYorkTimes has forwarded a statement indicating the following : “special jury in California ruled on Thursday that two women killed themselves and their six adopted children in a murder-suicide in March 2018, officially determining the cause of the family’s fatal plunge over a 100-foot cliff.” 

 “Investigators found Sarah Hart had recently performed internet searches about suicide, Benadryl dosages and whether drowning was painful… Sarah Hart had 42 doses of generic Benadryl in her system, an investigator testified, while Jennifer Hart, the driver, had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.102 percent when she drove the car off the cliff. In California, it is illegal for drivers to have a level of 0.08 percent or higher.”

Sources have indicated that the senseless murder could’ve been avoided. Stating that numerous 911 emergency calls, claims of abuse and direct racism had been filed but no action was ever taken by police officials. The Oregonian newspaper reports read one of the younger siblings even escaped , “Hannah jumped from her second-story window at 1:30 a.m. last year, rang her doorbell and ran into her house. Hannah was covered in weeds and blackberries.” Hannah told her neighbors, the DeKalbs, her parents were racist and had been abusing her,” states All eight of the Harts came over the next morning. Jennifer Hart said Hannah had two missing teeth after falling and knocking them out and that Hannah didn’t want new ones.”

The children were originally taken away from their biological mother due to her addiction to cocaine, they were then fostered by their aunt. Sources indicate that their Aunt had all of the means to raise the children but violated the rules by allowing the children to see their mother who was previously banned visitation rights.

Sleep In Perfect Peace Little Angels! ❤️🙏🏿