Sub-Way Manager Terminated After Denying Black Teen Employment: “ I Don’t Want Those People In Our Store! “

A subway sandwich shop manager has recently received their official walking papers after denying a young high school girl employment based off the color of her skin.

According to #YahooNews ; a subway franchise manager within Houston, #Texas had a brief, yet revealing conversation with one of her employees. The employee had reported to his manager via text messages that he had retrieved a job application from a potential applicant #KatelynSimmons, and had placed it on the managers desk. “Girl brought in her application. I'm leaving it on the table for you tomorrow,” forwarded the employee. The manager then replied by asking how did she look. "Black girl long dark hair. Shortish," the employee replied. The manger then replied ,”Oh no thanks. I don't want those people in our store lol." 


The employee was deeply disturbed by his manager’s statement and then screen shot the conversation to Simmons, who also is his friend. ources have indicated that the employee quit after the horrific conversation. Simmons tells local news she is both disturbed and appalled. "It's the 21st century and there's still people so bold and open about it like that.”


Simmons took to the social media platform of Facebook to show the world the disgusting ordeal she was dealing with. “I am a 17 year old girl who is academically exceptional and extremely involved and it hurts me to be facing racism today.” 

Though The subway franchise issued an apologetic statement; highlighting that they have infant fired the racist unnamed female manager. Katelyn’s mother Tamilka, states the franchise was signing another tune when they were first forwarded the issue. "[The franchise owner] just assumed again because we were African American that there was going to be some type of violent response to that," Tamika said. "There was no apology. There was no, ‘We support you guys. We want you to consider being on our team.’ There was none of that.” Stating that It was only after the messages went viral that they stepped in.

It has been indicated that Katelyn received numerous job offers froorganizations for employment once the story broke and is said to be starting work very soon. 

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