Substitute Teacher Tells Elementary Students Martin Luther King Killed Himself!

This has been an extremely interesting #BlackHistoryMonth this year y’all! Interesting  upon the levels of disrespect we’ve directly endured from the media, fashion world and society as a whole. Then again that’s simply everyday life for us folks right? Excuse us for hoping we would get a tiny bit of respect on a month that was supposedly created to honor us.

According to #EbonyMagazine ; a substitute teacher in North Carolina took it upon herself to misinform her elementary school students by insisting  that #MartinLutherKingJr was not murdered instead he commuted suicide. Sources have indicated the substitute teacher Elizabeth Temple Of Rand Road Elementary was having a difficult time obtaining the full attention of her students and decided to take a bizarre approach. Temple told the students that people who do not support Donald Trump aren’t authentic Christians. Temple also orchestrated a lesson plan that uplifted the Trump Presidency, paired with falsified information pertaining to the late Martin Luther King Jr.

A student by the name of Nathan reported to his parents that Temple had told him alongside another student that they that were dressed within prison attire.  “What book is she reading and obviously it’s not the right one, and for her to say this to a classroom full of kids, giving them that misinformed information is just bogus,” Billy Byrd, Nathan’s father states within a forwarded interview. “We can’t afford to have anybody in the school system that is teaching this damaging rhetoric to any kid—White or Black.”