Senate Passes Bill To Advance Development Of HBCU’s!


Cousins we’ve got some excellent news for y’all! The United States Senate has recently passed multiple bills to improve the development of Historically Black Colleges and Universities throughout the country!

According to #EbonyMagazine , these bills will allow students access to financial assistance such as grants and scholarships through the enforcement of federal program agencies. These agencies will be held accountable for sharing their plans for progress with congress officials. Sources have indicated that The HBCU Preservation program will also provide funding for the reconstruction, to help restore the campuses. This bill enforces government officials to preserve the essence of historically black institutes everywhere.


“In essence, what the legislation will do is allow our institutions to undertake the capacity building efforts that have been lacking to try to close the divide” states David K. Sheppard, senior vice President of the nonprofit Thurgood Marshall College Fund “It’s not only simply about our HBCUs surviving, but thriving; legislation like the HBCU PARTNERS Act will set the stage to allow our HBCUs to thrive.”