Ryan Coogler To Produce Black Panther Political Party Film Potentially Staring Daniel Kaluuya And Lakeith Stanfield!

Hollywood heavy weights  #RyanCoogler and Charles D King are set to produce a Black Panther Poltical party film entitled “ Jesus was my homebody”;  pertaining to the life of the  legendary #FredHampton .


According to deadline rumors are within heavy  circulation at the moment of Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield staring in the film. Kaluuya would take the lead as Hampton; Stanfield would take on the role of William O’nealfriend the man who ultimately betrayed him. Sources have indicated that the film Warner Bros funded film; will depcit the rise and fall of Hampton’s life from the mental state of O’neal. It will explore and reveal the truth behind the orchestrated assassination of Hampton at the young age of 21.  


Fred Hampton is well know for his monumental work as the Black Panther Chairman of the Illinois chapter. It has been stated that O’Neal’s personal demise for Hampton cause him to turn from friend to foe and ultimately an informant to the FBI.


O’Neal has been identified for forwarding the address of Hampton’s home, where he alongside another #BlackPanther member Mark Clark were murder in cold blood by FBI officials in 1969 while they were sleeping. Hampton’s death was deemed justifiable, identifying the Black Panthers party as a threat to society. O’neal ultimately died of a mysterious suicide in 1990. Many believe O’neal killed himself due to the guilt he endured for years of his wrong doing.