17 Year old Highschool football Star beaten and stabbed to death while walking home

We had extremely high hopes that stories of this magnitude would decrease. That people especially our youth would comprehend the damage you do to yourself as well as all parties involved when you act out of senseless violence. But sadly the complete opposite has been taking place within our communities, what will it take for this to stop? 


Beoved high school student and star Football player Reese Grand-Cobb, 17 was brutally stabbed and murdered while walking down the street of a public area.


The entire ordeal took place Sunday evening within at 11:15PM Denver, Colardo upon an intersection located between 571 east Colfax Avenue and Pearl street infront of a Bourbon Grill eatery.  

Survillance cameras within the area show several suspects beat and stab Reese, immediately causing his death.

Reese was a well known sports advocate with his community and High school. His mother Beverly Grant, states that his manly like stature often intimated people; he stood over 6ft tall and weighted 250lbs. 

“You might be like ‘Whoa that’s a big guy,’ and once he smiled and you looked at his baby face and you just melted,” 


Reese has been deemed by his classmate and peers as being a genuine person with a kind heart. Since news of his death multiple students have come forward, even an indivial suffering from sucidal thoughts, state how Reese not only saved his life but made an impact on him forever. 

“ He just showed up at my house, He kept bugging me he wouldn’t leave me alone. 


Denver police officials have captured photos of two likely suspects within the murder of the slained teen.  No arrests have been made as of yet, but If you or anyone you may know has any information, please contact the proper authorities.


  Friday at 8pm The east High School football team will hold a memorial to commentate the slained teen’s life 


Sending an abundance of  Prayers  tovictim and his family.