Female Real Estate Agent Fired After Racially Targeting Black Male

What a World we’re subjected to live in; where the color of your skin is used as an indication of your character. It seems as if each week we endure the same scenario within different locations throughout the World, where African American Men, Women and even children are racially targeted for no reason at all.

In a now viral #Facebook video; #StLouis resident D'Arreion Toles shares his Life altering experience that took place Friday after returning to his apartment building from work. Toles states an unnamed Women walking her dog aggressively blocked him from entering the building. He then decided to record her bizarre behavior.

According to #USAToday ; the women used her body and forearms to block Toles entry into the luxury downtown apartments and asked him questions like “ Do you live here ?“ and “ What unit ? “ Then finally stating she was uncomfortable with him entering the apartment building where she lives.

Moments later after Tole gains entry into the apartment building, the women takes it upon herself to follow him all the way to his front door. Even after Tole shows his key and enters his apartment the women contacts Police Officials Who ultimately confront Toles for questioning. •

The video speaks for itself, To Be A Black man in America, & Come home. My biggest thing to the world and to the people is how we respond to it. Do not respond to it out of anger," Toles tells local news.

Well, Miss No Entry was fired immediately from her real estate job after the video surfaced of her behavior. The company she works for states they are not interested in tolerating any form of racism what so ever