Police Officials Open Fire Upon Connecticut Couple In A Car Singing To Each Other!

What is the world coming to when you and your partner can’t enjoy the blissful moments of your relationship in public? Gazing into each other’s eyes, in the brink of a cool spring night while serenading one another only to be interrupted by multiple gun shots grazing the windows of the vehicle you’re in? 

According to #TheRoot ; Tuesday night on April 16 a Connecticut Couple #StephanieWashington ,  21 and #PaulWitherspoon III , 21 were in the mist of kissing and singing classic r&b track “ There’s Nothing In This World “  by Avant and Keke Wyatt. Immediately following the sound of Police officials opening fire upon the vehicle they occupied without warning or any direct contact. 

Sources have indicated that a prior incident had occurred that night / early morning around 4:20AM. A gas station clerk at an Arch street location had reported that an African American male with dreads had pulled out a gun on a newspaper truck driver outside of the gas station demanding money. The clerk provided the license plate number and the description of the vehicle also.

Reports read that an alert for a red vehicle spotted near the area of the robbery was discovered. It has been indicated Devin Eaton and Terrance Pollock of the Hamden Police Department and the Yale University campus police responded to the alert. Witherspoon exited the car and the officers opened fire immediately. A series of over 20 shots were released; Witherspoon obtained no injuries, but Washington is stated to have been struck twice in her face. 

 Both Pollack and Eaton were identified as not wearing their body cameras powered on at the time of the incident and have also forwarded different versions of the incident which have been verified as unaccountable. The officers state that not only did Witherspoon have a gun but his finger was on the trigger as they approached. The two officers  who just so happen to be black have been placed on leave while the incident is currently under investigation by State Police and the State attorney’s office.

Witherspoon’s attorney states that his client had no weapon in his possession and was also not in a robbery that night.