Fired Texas Cop Feeds Dog DooDoo Sandwich To Homeless Man Wins Appeal & No Jail Time!

I’m sure we’re not alone when we say this has been the most bizarre year ever thus far! Just when we think an inch of justice or common decency is about to take place ( BOOM ) more craziness hits. Crazy to the point that an officer who thought it was super hilarious to feed a homeless man a dog poo sandwich as a meal gets off scott free.

According to the #NewYorkPost San Antonio Officer Matthew Luckhurst was previously fired after colleagues accused him of forcefully feeding a homeless man a sandwich that consisted of dog feces. Sources state the incident took place in May of 2016 while he was on bike patrol. Luckhurst was then notified of his termination and indefinite suspension October of that year. It has been stated that Luckhurst challenged officials upon the May date, stating that he was unable to ride his bike from April 6 to June 14 due to departmental restrictions.

This month not only did Luckhurst win his appeal but he also had an arbitrator overturn his dismissal. Lack of evidence and uncertainty in timing helped Luckhurst’s appeal immensely. Sources state Luckhurst is currently appealing another case for the same occurrences dealing with the forwarding of feces. Though he has not been reinstated to the police force he is extremely hopeful of obtaining his job in the future.