Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect Eric Holder Bail Set At $7,040,000!

Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect #EricHolder is officially behind bars! Yesterday viral footage across numerous social media platforms showed the suspect being arrested by Los Angeles Police just as he attempted to hideout at a mental facility. 

According to #TMZ Holder is getting exactly what he deserves and won’t be seeing the light of day in this life time. Sources state he is currently being held within solitary confinement as officials fear for his life in general population. Also indicating that there was a race for his arrest because there was a hit made out on him for the murder of beloved rapper, activist, entrepreneur and father Nipsey Hussle! Holder’s bail is currently set at $7,040,000.

Though Holder is in jail the pain and hurt is still felt by many. A man’s life was taken out of hate and jealousy, a father was taken from his kids and a women’s heart has been left in pieces. There will never be any rightful justification or explanation for a life being taken or a legacy being paused. This one hurts for real! 

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