Mother Of Chicago Teen Kenneka Jenkins, Files $50 Million Lawsuit Over Daughter’s Death!

The death of 19 year old Chicago teen #KennekaJenkins served as the most horrifically heartbreaking incident of 2017. As we all searched for clues throughout social media, conspiracy theories and other tangible news to confirm what really took place on that fatal night Jenkins lost her life.

Jenkins body was found lifeless inside of Crowne Plaza hotel kitchen freezer located in #Rosemont #Chicago September 2017 after attending a party with friends. According to #EssenceMagazine Jenkins mother #TeresaMartin has recently filed a lawsuit for $50 million in damages against the Hotel, security, staff members and restaurants workers. Sources state, Martin believes her daughter’s death could’ve been avoided and holds the entire facility responsible.


There are numerous variables that Police officials dismissed from Jenkins death. Surveillance footage from the hotel shows Jenkins wandering around for hours before entering the restaurant’s freezer; which is to this day accessible to visitors. Martin states that even after the hotel was notified of Jenkins disappearance, no one checked the cameras for her daughter whereabouts. The lawsuit also indicates that surveillance footage shows Jenkins wandering past several hotel officials before entering the kitchen’s freezer; no one offered to help the disoriented teen.

Official court notes report :

“The lawsuit alleges that the hotel failed to secure a dangerous area or have competent staff, with counts of negligence and premises liability against the hotel, F&F Realty, Capital Security and Investigations and Murray Bros. Caddyshack, a restaurant that leased the kitchen at the hotel.”

The Crowne Hotel has forwarded a statement since receiving the law suit : “The death of Kenneka Jenkins was a tragedy, but the proximate cause of her death were the unsavory individuals who used a stolen credit card to book a room and host an illegal party which Ms. Jenkins attended. “