Hit and Run driver; leaves Four Year old girl dead at scene

Four year old #LuzGonzalez was walking with her Mother on Wycliffe avenue and hart street within the #Brooklyn , #NYC area when her shoe string got caught on her scooter and fell off. As her mom bent over to retrieve the shoe and place it back on the child’s foot; a Black #SUV accompanied by a 38 Year old woman exited the parking space of a laundromat. Extremely graphic surveillance footage shoes the woman backing out of the space and running over Four Year Old Luz and her mother and driving off.

The mother endured mild injuries, Luz died immediately. Witnesses states there was an overflowing of blood coming out of the little girls mouth as her mother clinched her within her arms. 

Police officials state that the woman who has been identified as Jeanette didn’t see the mother or daughter.

No charges have been filed.

The mother is fearful of seeking justice for her daughter due to issues with citizenship.

Oir thoughts and prayers are with the family. This is a horrific tragedy and stories like this are becoming far too familiar.  We are hopeful that justice is prevailed and that the proper authorities assist with doing what’s right! 


Sleep In Peace Luz 🙏🏿👼