Police Officer Indicted For Kidnapping Young Girls And Enforcing Sexual Favors For Release!

Absolutely disturbing news as a #Columbus, #Ohio Officer who has over 30 years worth of experience within law enforcement, has been indicted for kidnapping young women and threatening them with jail time if they refused to swap sexual favors.



According to  #NBC news, longtime officer  #AndrewMitchell, 55 is being charged with : witness tampering, obstruction of justice, forwarding false statements to federal investigators, and deprivation of rights under color of law. Mitchell is accused of threatening women to have sex with him or face arrest, threatening other officers to cover up multiple crimes, and denying sexual encounters with prostitutes while on official duty. Sources have indicated that a federal indictment has been issued for Mitchell’s arrest. Though Mitchell is said to have had arrested over 200 women within the past two years , officials state the indictment is within reference to the recent arrest of two different women who he forced sexual favors upon before releasing them. 

It has been indicated that Mitchell is also currently under investigation for the murder of 23 year old Donna Castleberry. Sources state Mitchell shot and killed Castleberry after she stabbed him in his hand while sitting in his unmarked police vehicle. Castleberry’s family states that their loved one suffered from drugs and was also involved in prostitution. US attorney Ben Glassman has forwarded a statement upon Mitchell’s indictment stating that : “ Committing the alleged crimes while on duty is a nightmarish breach of trust. We rely on the police to serve and protect us, and when you have a police officer who commits a crime, that is a very serious breach of trust.  Glassman goes on to state, "The community has every right to be disgusted by the news, as well as everyone who wears this badge.”

Mitchell plans to fight these allegations and to ultimately plead not guilty.