Gwinnett County, Georgia Elects First Black State Court Judge

Though our country is currently with an awkward, state stuck between trial and error; I must admit the fire up under us has enforced more leaders to stand up and demand a change.  History has been made! Gwinnett County serving as one of the largest within Georgia State has officially elected the first Black State Court Judge!


 Ronda Colvin-Leary has held a 15+ year successful law career and has ran her own personal practice throughout Georgia for the last ten years. According to #Blavity ; Leary is not the first Black Judge within Gwinnett County, but she is the first African American To actually win an election to court State.  Leary dismantled the completion earlier this year back in May when she won,  and was officially sworn in on September.27th

This is a major Win! As a Court State Judge Leary will handle cases upon civil action issues such as misdemeanors and traffic violations. Leary will be the bridge between deescalating complications and further sentencing for offenders. Leary will be able to inflict much needed change within society

I love State Court because, for me, I like to think that … if you come to State Court we can try to address it before something else major happens and you wind up in Superior Court for a more serious offense. !