Grandmother Spends Last 5 Months Of Her Life In Jail For Misdemeanor That Could’ve Been Dismissed For $30

The cash bail bond system has always been a pressing issue within society. As numerous male and female minorities sit In jail for days, weeks, months, years and even a life time due to bail being set way too high for people who just don’t have it. We’re extremely sad to say that a 61 year old grandmother’s last 150 days of life serves as a prime example of a faulty legal system.


According to #TheRoot Janice Dotson-Stephens from #SanAntonio , #Texas was arrested on July.17th, 2018 for a misdemeanor crime of trespassing on private property. Dotson-Stephens bail was set at $300; the average bail bonds company only requires 10% payment for an individual to be released. Forwarded court documents state a day after Dotson-Stephens arrest she refused to be interviewed and numerous times after. Dotson-Stephens was appointed a state Attorney and declined a court appearance in August, which ultimately lead to her undergoing a psychological evaluation on Aug.27. Dotson-Stephens had a long history of suffering from mental illness.

Police Officials never contacted Dotson-Stephen Family until after her death on Friday Dec. 14th; while she was in custody of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Sources state Dotson-Stephen died of natural causes. Her family we’re extremely unaware of her being held within jail and thought she was being treated at a state hospital. Dotson-Stephen daughter in law Leticia Dotson told local news : “We just felt that she shouldn’t have died as a criminal in the jailhouse. She wasn’t a criminal. She had mental health illness. “  Dotson also indicates that her mother in law has had previous incidents with the police; she would undergo psychological evaluation and then get transferred to the state hospital. In-which her family is always immediately contacted except this time. It’s disturbingly unclear as to why Dotson-Stephens was even detained so long for a misdemeanor.