Grandmother Openly Admits To Killing Disabled Grandson Feared He Wouldn’t Be Cared For After Her Death!


A Florida Grandmother has openly admitted to killing her disabled grandson— allegedly out of fear of him being alone and uncared for after she dies.

According to the #NewYorkPost; Lilian Parks, 87 could possibly be facing charges for second degree murder after admitting that coming forward to say she forced her grandson Joel Parks, 30 to overdose because she thought she her own death would be nearing soon.

She was concerned about her medical condition and was worried about who would care for him when she passed away, states Bradenton Police Department spokesman Captain Brian Thiers.

Joel’s lifeless body was discovered by his sister who went to check in on him on Sunday. Officials have stated that Parks made multiple alarming remarks as they investigated her home she then admitted to her doing and explained why she thought this was the best route for him.

“He lived at a group home during the week and with his grandma on the weekends. His father is deceased and he was estranged from his mother, “ Thiers says.

“This is a difficult case, partly because we do feel bad for an individual who feels their only options is to take another human being’s life because you’re so worried about their care after you’re gone.

“But on the other hand, this is a process where it was thought out, it was planned and she took a human life … and we need to do everything we can to bring justice to his family.”

No information has been forwarded upon the incident, Joel’s illness or the pills Parks made him overdose from. As of right now she’s being detained at a secure medical facility, she will be charged upon release.