San Diego High-School Students In Hot Water After Spelling Out The Word “ N**** “ For Senior Photo

We would definitely love to know why people from other races and ethnicities find racial slurs against others comically appropriate?

Escondido High School located within the San Diego , #California area; has an annual Senior photo ritual where students collaborate to spelling out different pre-approved words. This year though, the students decided to take an unforgiving route in which they state was solely based upon humor by spelling out the racial slur of the word “ N*****! “ on their t-shirts.


According to #Blavity ; Cade Pannell,19 who is also a student at Escondido High School was immediately outraged and screen shot the photo as it appeared on his #instagram newsfeed. Stating he was shocked that something like this took place at his own school. Only to find out another group of students spelled out the homophobic slur of “ f** ! “ as well.

Sources state; Escondido High-school has issued an immediate apology implementing that all of the students involved will be punished but the specifics of such consequences are to be kept confidential.

The students involved have expressed how truly sorry they are since the photo surfaced, not to mention since local police officials have began investigating the entire situation. An unnamed student states “I am scared to go back to school, but I am going to try and show people that's not who I really am because that's for sure not who I want to be," I want to show people that's not right. I've learned from my mistakes."