Former Ohio Judge Previously Arrested For Domestic Violence Disturbance Is Re-Arrested For Murdering Wife

Former Ohio, common pleas Judge Lance Mason has been arrested for the murder of his wife Aisha Fraser. Mason was previously arrested for a domestic violence disturbance against his wife, where he spent a total of 9 months in prison.


According to #Blavity ; a hysterical 911 Call was made Saturday by Mason’s sister; stating that her brother stabbed his ex wife and that there was blood everywhere. Mason attacked his wife in front of their two daughters ages 8 and 11 years old, they can be heard in the background screaming dreadfully.

Sources state Mason attempted to flee the scene within his vehicle once police officials arrived but swerved into a patrol car. He then exited the vehicle towards a neighbors home where he was arrested.

Fraser’s lifeless body was found within the drive way