Ethiopian Airplane Crash Kills 157 Passenegers Leaving No Survivors!

#Cousins ; we would like to take this time to send our deepest thoughts and prayers to the victims of a horrifically fatal plane crash that killed a total of 157 passengers taking off from the Ethiopia capital.

Acording to #FoxNews ; a jetliner carrying 157 passengers from 37 different countries crashed on Sunday killing everyone on the plane with no survivors. Sources have stated that there has not yet been an indication as to why the Ethiopian Airlines plane went down in absolutely clear weather. However, it has been indicated that the pilot of the plane sent out a distress call and was given clearnece to return the plane to the airport. 

It has been stated that the impact of the plane preparing for landing caused the plane to shatter into tiny pieces. Personal belongings and aircraft particles were found thrown across the earth. Bulldozers were used to assist with digging up larger pieces of the jet as Red Cross memebers seatched for human remains