Ethiopia Rewrites History; Planting 350 Million Trees In 12 Hours!

Within response to the harsh defects of climate change; the South African country of #Ethiopia has broken a world record of planting over 350 million plants in a 12 hour span!

According to #Blavity; Government offices and schools were closed on Monday as the country sought to execute their plan of originally planting 200 million seeds. Sources have indicated that their plan to help save the world derived from the Green Legacy Initiative established by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Reports read Ethiopia minster Getahun Mekuria, announced on Monday afternoon the final total count of 353,633,660 trees. It has been indicated that a special software program was utilized to count the seedlings.

Reports read: The initiative is based on a Swiss study that claims 1 trillion trees need to be planted to combat global warming. The scientists who authored the report wrote the trees would absorb 750 million tons of carbon monoxide, the equivalent of 25 years of human carbon pollution. The trees will also alleviate the deforestation in Ethiopia. Less than 4% of the country is covered in forest. This is an alarming decline from the 30% that existed at the end of the 19th century. The deforestation is blamed on population growth, climate change and a need for more farmland.

Tamara JacksonComment