21 Year Old Scholar & Soon To Be Father Tameon Blair Found Dead Inside Trailer Of 18 Wheeler Truck; Police Rule As Suicide!

#Family we come to you with an extremely heavy heart and absolutely devastating news. A family is in deep mourning due to the tragic death of their loved one. At the young age of only 21 years old #TaemonBlair described to many as a good man, straight A student and soon to be father was discovered hanging from the inside of an eighteen wheeler trailer within his own truck. Though police officials have deemed the incident as a Suicide, his family believes there’s another motive at hand.

According to #CDLIfe ; Taemon was a #NorthCarolina native who just began his career as a truck driver not too long ago. On March. 15th his body was found within Bluffton Road Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sources have indicated that Tameon lifeless body was found inside the trailer of the truck with no signs of foul play. However evidence from circulating social media reports indicate that Tameon was a tall male with a height of 6’5 who’s hands were clinched in the form of a fist hanging to his sides and also indicated signs of foul play . The corner’s report from Allen’s County identified his cause of death as asphyxia due to the hanging of his neck. Police officials have declared the incident as a Suicide and closed the case.

Taemon’s family wishes to reopen the case and seek justice for their loved one. A go fund me page has been created to help pay for funeral arrangements and  expenses. Taemon’s brother Dee Smith writes on the page; “Taemon went through a rough patch in his life. He went to jail for a year. When he got out he promised to change his life. He went and got his diploma. He had straight A’s in HS. He has always been on the A honor roll.  My brother finally got his life on track! He has a beautiful girlfriend. He also was having a baby.  He landed a job driving 18 wheeler trucks. He went on the road to make money for his family. Now graduated with straight A’s, and a really good job, he was on the track of becoming a great man.”