Defense Team Argues, BART Station Stabber Is Incapable Of Enduring Trial!


 Not sure if it’s convenient or of a great coincidence, that almost always within a high profile murder case the person held responsible always pleads insanity. That court officials knowingly allow a murder case to be dismissed under falsified pretenses!


According to #HNHH the defense attorney for John Lee Cowell ; the murderer of 18 year old #NiaWilson within #Oakland #BARTstation is arguing that their client will not be able to endure trial. Cowell’s attorney Christina Moore has forwarded statements indicating that her client suffers from extreme paranoia and is exceedingly delusional. "I don't believe he's able to assist me, we are unable to have any conversation about the case. “

On July 22nd Nia and her older sister Letifah Wilson were attacked by Cowell as they exited the train. Cowell stabbed both young ladies, leaving young Nia to die at the scene. Cowell left behind his ID which help orchestrate a national manhunt for his arrest. Nia was a senior in high school who was scheduled to graduate this year. Though Cowell’s defense team are awaiting for the mental evaluation of their client, Nia’s Family is calling it like we all see it! “It's a lie. That's what white privilege does...That's like war. All white people do is say they're crazy.” , states Nia’s mother Alicia Grayson outside of a courtroom.

Cowell is scheduled to appear in court on Dec.27 To determines if temporary criminal charges will be suspended.