Mom Of Bullied Daughter Banned From School After Viral Video Shows Her Handing Out Butt Whopping Tickets For Free!

Mixed opinions and commentary are arising as a Mother of a bullied daughter is shown on video informing a class room of students to leave her daughter alone or suffer the consequences. What is deemed to most as a concerned parent who has had enough of seeing their child suffer; is being identified by school officials as taking things a bit  too far.

According to #USAToday ; Southern #California mom Christian Tinsley has officially been banned from her daughter’s middle school. Viral footage shows Tinsley state ; "If y'all bully my daughter, if you look at her the wrong way, if you breathe the wrong way, send your mom to me. Sisters, aunts, anybody over 18. I’ll (F****) them all up. Do you understand me?"  Tinsley also warned students not to post anything about her daughter on social media as well, “Don't post nothing about her. None of that," she warned, adding, "Y'all think y'all bullies? I'm a big bully." 

Sources have indicated that the student’s teacher notified the Nigel Hill’s Middle School Principal Tim Reece who then alerted the school’s security to escort Tinsley off the premises. Reece then contacted the Orange Sheriffs department to investigate the ordeal. 

Tinsley admits to possibly handling the situation wrong within a interview; but it was a comment her daughter made that changed everything. “She made a comment to me that if she wasn’t as strong as she was, she would have killed herself.” “That’s when Mama Bear mode went into effect

It has been indicated within a #CBS Los Angeles interview that Tinsley states  the situation has been on going for quite sometime. That her daughter has been sexually harassed and racially targeted by students. Also stating that though one of the male students involved has been suspended, things haven’t changed. 

 "Sometimes if you’ve done everything you can do the way you’re supposed to do it, and it hasn’t been resolved, then sometimes you have to decide if you're going to go a step further and deal with any consequences.”