Brooklyn Pastor Arrested For Raping His Daughter On Church Premises!

#Cousins ; did you know that 96% of child abuse victims are sexually abused by men? Did you know that 76% of people who sexually abuse children are adults? Did you know that 34% of children who are sexually abuse endure this act directly from a family member? The National Sexual Violence Resource Center ( NSVRC ) deems rape as the most unreported crime in the United States, ranking high at 63%. Can you believe that? 63% of sexual assault cases and victims do not report such a horrid ordeal to police officials due to fear, shame and disbelief. Rape culture is an extremely serious ordeal and no male, female let alone child deserves it. 

Matthew Gibson a father and pastor of Progressive Baptist Church, located in #Brooklyn , #NewYork has recently been arrested for repeatedly raping his 14 year old daughter while on church grounds. According to #BET , Gibson has been accused of raping his daughter for the last 7 years of her life. Sources state the entire ordeal began when the daughter’s mother died back in 2012. The teenage girl’s sister-in-law Myia Maples tells local news that her husband, the teen’s older brother has full custody of the teen and her twin brother. Gibson was previously granted visitation rights which were conducted every other weekend of each month. 

Sources state Maples was informed of the situation within a conversation with the teen when she just happen to blurt it out. In a now viral video Maples shares the horrid details of the rape claim. Indicating that many of the male advisors affiliated with the church played a major part and have conducted such acts to numerous young girls while on church grounds. The teen’s twin brother has come forward to local news stating he was also at church each time his sister was raped : “He would make me play on the drums, and when it was happening, I wouldn’t be nowhere around. I feel like, in the moment, I let my sister down.” Gibson has been charged with criminal sexual abuse and forcible touching of a minor beteeen the ages of 9 and 14 years old.