Brooklyn Elementary School Drops Former Slave Owner Name Switches It Up Upon Black Excellence!

Too many times within the past and present sectors of society we as people have taken what has been given to us. Being fully aware of what we are capable of when we fight the good fight as one. If we we’re to collectively join together to make the change in the world that we all want and deserve; the possibilities would be infinite! A Brooklyn Elementary School has decided recently to take matters into their own hands and recreate history within the right direction.

According to #ChalkBeat ; Public School 9 formally known as Teunis G. Bergen has officially dropped it’s name. Sources have indicated that Bergen was a descendent of a Norwegian and Dutch family that has built their legacy off of the backs of slaves. The Bergen Name is literally plastered everywhere in the Brooklyn, New York Area. It has been indicated that PS 9’s parent’s association group has been working hard to change things within the community including the removal of old statues being replaced with more prominent figures.

The Elementary School will now be named after Sarah Smith Garnet; the first black woman to earn the title of a public school principal within the state of New York City. Sources state the name swap will take place beginning within the fall semester of the 2019-2020 school year.   “It goes to show you can get things done, you don’t have to accept things as they are, you can change them for the better,” state a parent association member. 

Tamara JacksonComment