Bronx Mom Drags Teenage Car Thief Out Of Vehicle; Holds Him Down Until Police Arrive!

A #Bronx , #NewYork mom has gone viral this week; as a video has circulated of her taking down a teenage potential car thief, all on her own!

“ I don’t think it’s fair, that people work hard for their things and for someone to just take their things away “ , states Tihisha Jones to local news. While Jones was taking her son to school one morning, she auto started her vehicle. According to #Blavity a 19 year old male by the name of #BernandoSantiago, entered Jones car within the drivers seat and began fumbling with the ignition. In order to drive a auto starting car ( ding ding ding ) the key must be within the vehicle.

Jones approached the car and opened the door, Santiago closed it shut. Jones became frustrated and snatched Santiago from out of her vehicle and pushed him onto the ground. Sources state Jones held Santiago down until Police officials arrived. In a forwarded statement from Santiago, he has stated that he thought the vehicle was an Uber.