BART Station Stabber Of 18 Year Old Nia Wilson; To Possibly Face Death Penalty


 Remember #NiaWilson ? The beautiful 18 Year old young lady who was brutally stabbed to death alongside her sister, within #BART Station this summer back in July by John Lee Cowell, 37.

According to #EbonyMagazine a Special circumstance count recognized by “ lying in wait “ has been added to the case. Alameda County District, has determined that Cowell is eligible for the death penalty.  In addition, not only has the death penalty been added to the table but also life in prison with no parole.


“I’m deeply concerned that they’re now seeking death possibly for someone that has severe, severe mental illness,” -Alameda County Public Defender Brendon Woods ( Via #EastBayTimes ) Woods argues that Cowell is severely mentally ill and that this Murder wasn’t based upon race. Woods has also forwarded information pertaining to Cowell’s release from a state hospital, 75 days before the BART Station incident.


Cowell faces charges of Murder, attempted murder due to the adjacent stabbing of Nia’s sister, and use of a deadly weapon. Cowell is a convicted felon due to a second degree murder case back in 2016. His court date is scheduled for 9/14/18