Baltimore Judge Retracts $38 Million Lawsuit Decision For The Killing Of Korryn Gaines!

Just when we thought the family of 23 year old #KorrynGaines who was murdered in cold blood in front of her son by Baltimore Police back in 2016; would finally receive some sort of peace; an updated verdict has indicated other wise. 


According to the #BaltimoreSun , Judge Mickey J Norman has officially dismissed Gaine’s family claims against both the county and the Officer held responsible, Royce Ruby. Judge Norman originally ruled to forward Gaine’s family $38 million dollars last year for damages, pain and suffering. One year ago, Judge Norman ruled that Ruby firing his weapon towards Gaines resulting in her death and injuring her 5 year old son Kodi was not reasonable and violated their civil rights. Previously awarding Gaines son $32 million in damages, her daughter Karsyn $4.5 million, and remaining family memebers smaller awards for damages.

Sources have indicated that the Gaines Family was set to receive the biggest award in history on behalf of a Police encounter within Baltimore.  Sources have indicated that Judge Norman recently retracted the entire ordeal, with drew his verdict and denied the entire claim; stating that officer Ruby’s actions were “ objectively reasonable” and did not violate Gaines rights. “The physical evidence is that she began to civil raise the shotgun, Corporal Ruby believed she was about to fire the shotgun. Corporal Ruby was not required to be absolutely sure of the nature and extent of the threat Gaines posed.” Sources have indicated that the family is deeply distraught and is forwarding notion to appeal.