Police Involved in the murder of 17 Year old #AntwonRose has been charged with homicide; after a series of inconsistent statements

East Pittsburgh Police official Michael Rosefeld, 30 turned himself in to the local authorities this morning.

Rosefeld has been charged with Criminal homicide with bail  of  $250,000; due to the murder of 17 Year old Senior and Honor roll Student #AntwonRose.

Rose endured a total of three bullet wounds. One bullet to the side of his  face , one to his arm and the fatal bullet that ended his life and pierced his abdomen and traveled  through his heart and lungs ( Via nbc.news ) .

Rosefled was sworn in hours before the ordeal occurred. He has a past history of disorderly conduct as an officer.

Due inconsistencies within his statements, pertaining to whether he saw Rose armed with a weapon or not which lead authorities to believe Rosefled was being untruthful. Further investigation shows Rose was completely unarmed.

Antwon Rose Funeral was held within his home town of Pittsburgh, this Monday and was open to the general public to pay their respects.


Sleep In Peace Young KING 🌹