24/7 All Black News Channel Set To Debut In November!

We’ve got some super exciting news for y’all, literally! Word on the street is an all black news channel station is set to take the world by storm on November 2019.

 According to #TheRoot ; the 24 hour Black News Channel will consist of educational and inspiring content directly produced for African American viewers. Former GOP Congressman J.C Watts holds the title of Chairman of the #BNC. Watts is well known for his multiple faceted businesses within communication, development, government relations and strategies.

Sources have indicated #BNC is set to air in over 30 million homes; 23 million deriving by satellite and 10 million by standard cable connection. It has been stated that the News station will be apart of the top television markets within #NewYork , #LosAngeles , and #Atlanta . Reports read that #BNC will serve as the only news outlet to forward content that is written, programmed and produced by “ black people for black people .” Also indicating that the station will recruit #HBCU students that are majoring in #Journalism to train to be apart of the news station. Did we also mention that their currently hiring?

For further information on the #BNC and how to contribute to the station visit the BlackNewsChannel.com