Second Witness In Amber Guyger Murder Trial Fears For His Life!

Suspicion around the case of ex Dallas officer #AmberGuyger is growing by the minute. With the horrific murder of a key witness and a second witness currently fearing for his well being; it seems as if things are becoming less of a coincidence and more of a cover up!


According to the #InsideEdition #RonaldJones is next in line to testify against the officer however he has expressed being in fearful of his life being endangered after the assassination of another key witness #JoshuaBrown. Brown was shot and killed in less than a week after testifying and had initially stated he was fearful of going against the Dallas police also.


Sources have confirmed that Jones was the neighbor of the initial murder victim #BothamJean. He is set to testify that he saw Guyger’s all white truck speed into the apartment building moments before the murder in 2018.

Both Brown and Jones were noted as vital witnesses in the case solely because their testimonies contradict the details of Guyger’s story.

It has been indicated that Brown was also set to testify within a civil trial forwarded by Jean’s family against the city of Dallas and an additional murder case of another man in November.

“To have a key witness suddenly be killed is suspicious. Was this related to the trial? There is no clear indication,” stated Attorney Lee Merritt.