New Bill Passed In Oregon Allows Students Excused Absences For Mental Health Alignment!

A group of high schoolers are responsible for the establishment of a much needed bill that will help students obtain the necessary tools needed to evaluate and secure their mental health!

According to #CNN ; a new law has recently been passed in #Oregon that will allow students to take up to 5 excused absences from school which will be identified as #MentalHeath days. The legislation was signed back in the month of June by Governor Kate Brown upon the basis of allowing students to miss a day or two to rectify their mental and/or physical health. Sources have confirmed that each student will receive 5 mental health days within increments of a three-month period under the new law.

"You take a day off if you have a cold, because resting up will make you feel better, and if you're having a really bad anxiety attack or you're going through a bout of depression, taking a day off can make you feel better, states student advocate Hailey Hardcastle.

It has been indicated that numerous high school students from Oregon created the idea last year while attending a leadership camp. The students then paired up with numerous mental health professionals and law makers to make their proposal a reality.

Mental health is a serious issue across the world that affects everyone; from small children to elderly adults. It is vital that we construct ideas and orchestrate conversations based upon ways of addressing these issue and helping one another get better.