New Jersey Male Arrested Scammed Over 30 Dating App Victims Out Of $2.1 Million!

Dating can be a treacherous sport, especially in this day and age where absolutely no one is playing fair. Though we are all human and require human interaction; please take note that there are some real life creeps out here preying for their next come up, willing to use your heart as an expense.


According to #USAToday ; Rubbin Sarpong, 35 of Camden, New Jersey is currently in police custody facing extreme charges of fraud. Sources have indicated that Sarpong has conducted multiple dating app schemes where he posed as a United States Military member creating false notions of shipping gold bars “ home” in exchange for money. The schemes allowed him and other men to defraud more than 30 people while raking in $2.1 million dollars.


Reports read : From January 2016 to September 2019, Sarpong and several conspirators — many who reside in Ghana — reportedly set up profiles on various dating websites using fake or stolen identities posing as United States military personnel stationed overseas.


"They contacted victims through the dating websites and then pretended to strike up a romantic relationship with them, wooing them with words of love” as stated in the official court documents.

It has been stated that after Sarpong established these fake relationships he would ask each victim for money. Claims show that he would state that the money would be used for shipment of the gold bars he was trying to send to the United States from his station in Syria. He told his victims that his military base was in Syria and that he was awarded with the gold bars for his duty.

Sarpong and friends used multiple emails, internet protocol phone numbers, dating and voiceover apps to conduct their schemes. They then provided in-depth instructions to their victims for the money to be wired or sent by checks. The money was then withdrawn in cash, wired to other accounts and other associates in Ghana.

Sarpong established a habit of posting himself within pictures holding large lump sums of money and expensive cars with captions that read things like “ BigBusiness Done...Now We Waiting For The Checks To Clear.”


He was arrested on September 4th and is currently facing up to 20 years behind bars plus a $250,000 fine.

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