Missing Jersey Teen Naked Photos Appear On Sex Trafficking Websites!

A heartbroken #NewJersey Mother is currently searching for her missing teenage daughter—-with little to no clues authorities have recently found photographs of the teen appearing on multiple sex trafficking websites.

The #NewYorkPost reports #AvianaWeaver,17 was last seen on Sept.12th in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Her mother states she is confused and shocked by police officials recent findings. “We have pornography pictures and my daughter looked completely upset and unhappy in these photos,” states Weaver’s mom Angelica Scarlett. “ Officials believe she is in danger being held against her will. She’s 17 and she looks upset.”


Scarlett states she received a tip of a possible location where her daughter could be found, located near Broad Street and Erie Avenue in Philadelphia. Officials then scouted the area with police officers on bicycles. “People think they saw her in the area on Wednesday,” Scarlett told the station. “We were there until 1 a.m. [Thursday], but no luck.” However it has been confirmed that the teen’s cellphone last ping was picked up off a Philadelphia tower on Wednesday, the phone has been shut off since then. “That failed, her phone was there but they’re changing her number constantly. She doesn’t have her phone anymore. They’re using flip phones or burner phones or something.”

Scarlett states that she received a text from a phone number that wasn’t her daughter’s or that she recognized, that read her daughter would be home soon for school and that she loves her.

“She’s never done this before,” Scarlett tells police officials. “This is her senior year. She went to school for the first few days and then disappeared. She missed an eye doctor appointment. She doesn’t have any clothes. This is not like her. She hasn’t been known to be on any drugs. We don’t have family or friends in Philadelphia. It’s completely out of character and scary.”

Weaver has been described as mixed race; black, white and Hispanic, around 5 foot 4 and weighting around 200 pounds with brown hair. If you or anyone you know has any details to this case please contact the Westampton, NJ police station.