Mandla Maseko Potentially Known As The First African Astronaut Dies In Road Crash!

#MandlaMaseko was destined to change the world as he was on the brink of becoming the first African Astronaut in history. Unfortunately his life was cut short due to a horrific motorbike accident turned deadly.

According to #BBCNews Mandla’s Family has confirmed his passing, stating that he was killed on Saturday. There have been no in-depth details forwarded at this time of the accident.


Mandla is known for his impressive win in 2013 when he beat over a million entrants for a chance to earn one of 23 slots at a Space Academy in the United States. Sources have indicated that he was later referred to as ” Afronaut,” after he landed a coveted seat to fly 103km (64 miles) into space.

Though Mandla was only thirty years old he had plans to uplift generations to come. He understood the importance of the opportunity he worked tirelessly to receive and wanted to show ordinary people that the sky is the limit!