Street Brawl Leaves Man Traveling From Alabama To The Bronx For Sister’s Baby Shower Dead!

What was deemed to be a celebratory week has left a family in shambles searching for answers upon the death of their loved one who died due to a street brawl.

According to #TheGrio Troy Scott had traveled from #Alabama to the Bronx to visit his sister Shaquana who is expecting a child sometime next month. Sources have indicated that Scott took to Facebook earlier that week to spread positivity that he was feeling within his life to his friends on social media “Good Morning Kings & Queens. Im Really In A Good Space Im Happy, I Aint Got No Drama, I Aint Dealing With No BS, I Aint Got No Worries,” he said. “Ive Made Some Changes In My Life Dont Regret None Of Them.”

Scott posted a photo of himself onboard a plane Friday with a caption that read: We Doing It Again Lets Get Right Im Not Home Alone (YAGA).”

Scott was discovered dead within the streets of New York after an apparent brawl. Though there has been no forwarded evidence or specific detail; officials state there is a circulating video of the incident. Reports read that Scott hit his head Saturday morning on the concrete during the fight. A red vehicle was seen fleeing the scene. If you or anyone you may know has any information pertaining to the incident please contact Crime-Stoppers :