JP Morgan Chase Forwards Investment Of $1.5M To Assist With The Advancement Of Black Wealth!

JP Morgan Chase has recently declared an impactful investment towards the financial education and advancement of Black Wealth!

#BlackEnterprise reports; JP Morgan has issued a 2 year spanned investment plan of $1.5 million to the National Urban League ( NUL). The investment shall be used to establish the new financial savings initiative under NUL. Sources have indicated that the program will assist with helping black households create savings plans and secure the advancement of reaching their financial goals.

Reports read that the official announcement was made at the National Urban League Conference held on July.26 in Indianapolis. The initiative will also include financial tool assistance from Finetech which are currently being tested by JP Morgan. The two companies have recently paired up to orchestrate a 5 year commitment program to promote financial advancement for residents of neglected communities.
“Closing the racial wealth gap is a key objective of the National Urban League, and we’re proud to partner with JPMorgan Chase & Co. on achieving that goal,” states NUL President-CEO Marc H. Morial.

“Through our network of 90 affiliates in 36 states and the District of Columbia, we can reach the people most in need of these financial tools and fulfill our mission of empowering communities and changing lives.”