First Time Mom Forced To Deliver Baby At Home After Being Turner Away From Hospital!

A first time mom from Virginia and her husband were forced to deliver their son at home in a bathtub after being turned away by the hospital!

According to #Blavity ; LeeAnn Bienaime and her husband Lee had paid visit to a Naval Medical Center Portsmouth on Aug 23, due to intense contractions she was enduring. Notably as a first time mother LeeAnn made sure she followed the instructions she was given to insure a safe labor. She thought that going to the hospital was the right thing to do at the time.


"I was certain that we were just going to be admitted," she tells ABC news. "In all of our classes and appointments, they told us that when you're having contractions five minutes apart for a minute long, for one hour, you should come into the hospital. And we had been timing them."

LeeAnn states the doctors told her to go home because she was not ready yet and was only two centimeters dilated. They advised her to come back when she was 5 centimeters. LeeAnn was in pain and confused as to why they would send her home.

“ I don't know what that means because I'm a first-time mom. How do I know if it's five centimeters?”

The couple did as instructed and went home to wait, but the pain only accelerated.

"I was just in pain and [Leo] was like, 'Did your water break?' and I felt this pressure and then I felt the head," she said. "I was just going through my feelings of anxiety and not being able to believe that I'm going through this.

Leo then called 911 but it was too late, the baby was making its way out. He had no other choice but to deliver the baby at home on his own.

"She said she felt the head and it's like, 'Oh wow. I'm not tired anymore,'" he stated.

Just 4 shorts after being turned away from the hospital their baby boy was born in their bathtub at home.

"He slid out, I caught him and flipped. I wrapped him in a towel and handed him to her," Leo said.

Sources have confirmed that the baby is healthy and so is LeeAnn.


"We were able to have a healthy birth, a healthy baby boy — that's why I'm not completely enraged," LeeAnn tells local news. "I feel like if it had gone another way, it would've been a different story."

America has a horrifying history of ignoring Black Women’s cry for medical

assistance. Reports show that Black Women are also 3.3 times likely to die during labor as oppose to white women. It has also been confirmed that 60% of the black women who have died while in labor could’ve been saved with preventative medicine.

"Had I known to really advocate for myself, I still would have been at the hospital," states LeeAnn. “When you don't know any better and kind of feel like you're being a burden to the doctors, you don't know and you go home."