Blind Father Carries Disabled Son To Safety During Hurricane Dorian Storm!

The aftermath of #HurricaneDorian is still ongoing for the people of the #Bahamas. As each day passes new information comes to light; with people across the island coming forward with their life changing stories of evacuation and immediate survival tactics.

According to #Blavity , heroic father Brent Lowe, 49 of Abaco was brave enough to save his 24 years old disabled son as the storm worsened. Unfortunately, Lowe is blind and his son suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Sources have indicated that the category 5 storm ripped the roof of Lowe’s home last week forcing him and other relatives to evacuate immediately.

Reports read that fierce winds caused the roof to fly off, as water began to rise exceedingly high throughout the home, Lowe tossed his son over his shoulder and began to exit the home.


"At that time, it was raining and raining hard," Lowe states in an interview with CNN. "So I picked him up, threw him on my shoulder and when I stepped off my porch, my front porch, the water was chin high, up to my chin ... We all had to walk out into the water and into the wind to the neighbor's house.”

Lowe states that the water was deeper than he expected; when he stepped of the ledge of his property realizing the water was up to his neck.

"I was terrified, I didn't realize the water was that deep. I was thinking maybe knee-deep. It wasn't until I stepped off and I realized, oh, I wonder if it gets deeper because that means I have to swim with him, you know what I mean."

Lowe and his family manage to move through the water to shelter at one of their neighbors home’s. It has been stated that Lowe and his son are in good condition. His son is staying with his sister in law while Lowe obtains much needed dialysis treatment.