College Student’s Life Is Saved During Block Party Incident Due To Bra!

A College student is thanking the heavens above for her bra that literally saved her life during a shootout in Brooklyn this past weekend.

According to #Blavity the incident took place Saturday, July 26 within the Brownsville area of Brooklyn; during a local celebrated event titled Old Timers Day. Daniesa Murdaugh, 21 states a gunman abruptly released multiple shots into a crowd unexpectedly.

"We were on the basketball court” states Murdaugh to local news officials.

“When we turned back around to run, I heard two shots go off and then I was hit in my back.”

“I couldn’t breathe. Everybody was surrounding me. My heart was racing,” Murdaugh continued. “I was fainting, in and out of it. I couldn’t stand up. I was too scared to walk back out the entrance without the cops coming. I was scared. A lot of people were running. There was a lot of blood on the floor.”


Sources have indicated that she thankfully wasn’t seriously injured, that the impact of the bullet was lessened due to the thickness of her bra.

“The thickness of the bra line, the bullet was caught there so when the EMS unsnapped her bra, the bullet fell off,” states her mother Odessa Watson . “It was pretty much a graze of the skin.”

"They said basically my bra saved me,” states Murdaugh. “If my bra wasn't there, it would've went further into the skin."

Murdaugh has been left traumatized, stating that she hasn’t slept since the incident occurred and can’t believe it happened.

Reports read that 10 other people were injured during the incident, leaving one male dead. Police officials believe the entire ordeal was gang related. The victim identified as Jason Pagan, is described as a well known member of the street Blood gang.

Unfortunately the shooters are still on the loose.