Rapid Gunfire Leaves 4 Students Wounded Near Clark Atlanta University!

As we embark upon a new school year we urge all of you to remain safe and alert at all times. Within the recent and rapid occurrences of mass shootings, unfortunately it seems as if no where is completely safe.

Students of Clark Atlanta University, Spelman and Morehouse mini celebration was cut short last night after an unexpected ring of gun shots caused the festivities to come to an immediate stop.

#USAToday reports that police officials are currently in search of a suspect responsible for the shooting of four wounded college students near Clark Atlanta University. Sources have indicated that the incident took place Tuesday night around 10:30PM as students gathered at a block party near the campus library.

It has been stated that an altercation erupted between two groups of people resulting in a gun man releasing fire into the crowd. The shooter unfortunately is still at large and was able to escape into the crowd.

"It appears there were two separate groups that were targeting each other, and these people were just caught in the crossfire," stated Atlanta Police Capitan William Ricker. A total of four female students were wounded during the incident. Two victims were students of Spelman ages 17 and 18. The other two victims were students of Clark Atlanta ages 18 and 19.

Students gathered Wednesday afternoon to conduct a prayer vigil for the victims.