#JusticeServed: Former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger Found Guilty For The Murder Of Botham Jean!

The verdict is in and the jury has concluded; ex Dallas police officer #AmberGuyger has been found guilty for the unethical murder of #BothamJean.


According to the #DailyNews, Guyger was found guilty early this morning for the Sept 6, 2018 shooting of Jean ,26 in his apartment after she allegedly mistaken it for her own. Sources have confirmed that Jean was sitting on his sofa in the living room when Guyger shot him.


Guyger states she made a mistake and parked on the wrong floor within the complex that night. She then testified during trial that she was afraid that someone was attempting to rob her apartment and saw a shadow moving in the dark towards her. Reports read that Jean was unarmed and died from the gun wound.

Guyger faces a maximum prison sentence of life behind bars.