90 Year Old Step Father Charged For The Murder Of His Step Daughter, After Police Use Fit Bit As Missing Link


Is it just us or is the World getting a tad bit more crazier each day?

Karen Navarra, 67 was found dead within her home in California on September 13th by a fellow Co-worker. Police Officials state Navarra was found slumped over in a seat at her kitchen table with bloody wounds to her neck and a deep laceration to her head. Within Navarra’s hand was a large kitchen knife. Medical examiner have determined it to be humanly impossible for Navarra to have had self inflicted her wounds due to the consistency and large axe like structure of the cuts.

According to the #HuffPost ; the very last person to see Navarra was her Step Father Anthony “ Tony “ Aiello, 90; who is still very much married to Navarra’s Mother. When questioned by Police officials Tony states the last time he saw his Step Daughter was during a brief visit he paid to her home on September 8th, to drop off some pizza and that he was only there for a total of 15 minutes. Furthermore stating that Navarra drove past his home with a friend later that day after the visit.

But things just didn’t seem to add up on Tony’s end. Not only did Navarra’s fit bit device which records and tracks  steps and heart activity provide conclusive evidence, surveillance camera footage provides proof that Tony is fully implicated. Police officials state that Navarra’s heart beat spiked at 320PM on September 8th followed by a rapid decrease until it completely stopped at 3:28PM. Footage also shows Tony leaving Navarra’s home at 3:33PM.

After this information was bought to Tony’s attention he stated that couldn’t possibly be true because Navarra walked him to the door, that someone else must’ve been in the home. As further investigation transpired Police found bloody shirts within Tony’s home, which he provided an immediate explanation for, stating he must’ve cut his hand  and shook the blood all over.

Tony was arrested on September 25th and has been booked for suspicion of murder. He’s currently be held without bail and scheduled to appear in court October. 4th