Brooklyn Mother Stabbed To Death Following Altercation At Subway Station!

Living in #NewYorkCity , we know better than anyone the aggravation and uncertainty that comes with using public transportation on a daily basis. However, we can’t stress enough the fact that no argument will ever equate to the loss of a human life. 


According to #CBSLocal , a #Brooklyn , #NewYork mother was stabbed to death recently following an intense argument that occurred at a subway station. Sources have indicated that the incident occurred within the Brownsville area of Brooklyn on Monday evening around 9:15PM.  LaTanya Watson, 30 had gotten into an argument with 20 year old Mia Simmons on the 3 train. It has been stated that both women exited the train at the stop of Sutter Avenue and began to scuffle.

Police officials have stated that Watson’s body was found near the Mezzanine area with multiple stab wounds to her neck, face and arm. “I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe it … I was really hurt to know that a young girl just riding the train, and over an argument, she gets killed, “ states a Brooklyn resident.

Officials state that within the altercation Watson pepper sprayed Simmons, who then responded by stabbing her with a small knife.


Watson was rushed to Brookdale hospital where she was pronounced dead. Simmons was later arrested at her grandmother’s house, due to the blood trail she left behind after accidentally stabbing herself. Simmons has been charged with first degree manslaughter and criminal possession of a deadly weapon.


Reports read that Watson’s legacy is to be continued by her small son and a fiancé.

“I waited for her a couple of hours. She didn’t show. I texted her, ‘Are you OK?’ No answer,” states her fiancé Jerelle Martin.

“Thirty minutes after those four hours I waited, detectives knocked on the door.”

Martin states his fiancé never encountered any problems or got into fights with anyone.

“She was the most beautiful woman I ever met in this world. And these females took her life. It still does not feel real,”

Tamara Jackson