Defense Team In Justice For Junior Case Argues That Case Is About Media Sensation Not Fairness!

The murder of #Bronx teen #LesandroJuniorGuzmanFeliz , was without a doubt one of the most horrific and gruesome scenes of #2018 . We all watched in disgust and deep sadness as a child was left completely defenseless against a group of barbaric individuals. To this day and more less forever; we are hopeful that the monsters responsible for taking the life of an innocent and beautiful soul receives all that they lawfully deserve. 


According to #WPIX11 the defense team for the 5 memebers held responsible for Junior’s death are pulling more than a few dirty tricks in the court room. The legal team of the notorious Trinitarios gang, has successfully argued a delay in their first trial. Sources have indicated that defense attorney Toni Messina has filed a motion forward based off the argument being Junior’s death caused a media sensation.  “Video of his stabbing has been posted, reposted, and viewed by millions of people around the world. Dozens of Facebook and Twitter accounts, garnering tens of thousands of views….have been created. Murals of Junior’s face have been painted, rap songs written; and celebrities have weighed in, all demanding ‘Justice for Junior,’ Messina indicates in her report. “However, ‘justice’ that comes so close in time to the crime itself is more a cry for revenge than fairness. “

As Family memebers and close friends of the murdered teen filled the court room, defense attorney Messinia provided evidence from prior cases to substantially argue the trial delay. Sources have indicated; Judge Robert Neary ruled the pretrail hearing to be further delayed until March. 25, stating that the trial will start immediately after.